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Flaming ambers in the night glowing with a ghostly light. It was a cold and dreary night and she could feel the coldness of the night surround her body and enfold her soul. She walked slowly to the door compelled by some unknown force and flung it open, silently praying that only the night lies beyond her doorstep. There in the shadows stood a man or was he a man. The wind howled wildly through the trees, and as the branches gave way to their invader, the form began to move towards her. Her body and her will were paralyzed. She stood awaiting what was to come. From the darkness emerged two large, dark hypnotic eyes. As they stared deeply into hers, she could feel her soul burning with a fear beyond description. Yet within the bounds of her fear, a sense of compassion and understanding for this stranger began to take form. As the fear slowly subsided, she stared at the man who now stood steadfastly before her. His eyes were mirrors reflecting the brilliance of the moon, burning brightly as two flames in the night. The fire within his eyes seemed dangerously close, almost totally encompassing her, yet she stood there motionless intrigued by their beauty and longing for their warmth. He extended his hand at the moment she extended hers, almost as if their minds were one, and now the bridge to their souls was complete. And as if they were one, nature too seamed to respond to their peaceful embrace. Yet with the dying of the howling wind, came a sound more frightening and disturbing than ever before. For it was now that the cries from the village could be heard. She felt her arms relax and as she looked up the man was gone. Could she had imagined this beautiful moment? Who was this man? Could he somehow be the source of these horrific cries? As the cries grew louder and closer, she could not ignore them any longer. Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud Read more….

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