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Hello and Welcome

to my website. You will find descriptions of my upcoming books for your reading enjoyment. I will tell you about my newest projects, podcasts, and events. Share with you my interests in many other genres. I am an avid lover of Space, and my blogs will entertain you with the latest news from places far far away.

‘It has turned very cold as winter is setting in!
BUT….spend a few days inside with ‘Josette’!!
She is such wonderful thoughtful, insightful, and loving company!!!
Walk with her on her journey to make sense of life (happiness and sorrow) and how these life events affect people and can determine their actions and hearts.

She is a lot more musically talented than I am, but she will let you come along and share a part of her life!!! Thank you, Josette!’

And thank you, for joining me.

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About Dr. K

My full name is Dr. Katherine E. A, Korkidis. Over my many years in teaching my students come to affectionately call me Dr. K. I began to work in Industry upon completion of my graduate degree in physics and chemistry. I was paid to do my own original research. As part of my position I taught at many universities and developed new technologies while having the opportunity to travel throughout the US/Canada, Europe, Russia, and the Far East. It was a wonderful experience, and I could teach and write at every turn. Eventually I realized how much I enjoyed teaching and writing and returned to my passion. Today I am a writer of historical fiction as my genre of choice. Josette is my first novel.

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