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AJK Anthology is now ready to go – translated from my father’s original works and with the addition of  new content it is now published.
eBook and Print copies will be available early April of 2022. It is a work of historical fiction interlaced with his memoirs.
During the Nazi occupation of the island of Crete in 1941, there lived a young man, Artemios John Korkidis.
In a series of biographical memoirs, short stories, and a lifelong collection of personal reflections, be transported through the horrors and hardships of war as one man learns that there is always hope in the future. 
About the Author 
Artemios Korkidis grew up on the island of Crete during Nazi occupation. He would later migrate to New York City where he wrote for the National Herald and raised his family. Surrounded by cherished family members, Artemios lived his life doing what he loved, painting, writing, and inspiring others. This work is a collection of his personal journals, reflections, and writings, translated from the original Greek and put together by his daughter, Dr. Katherine Korkidis. Dr. Katherine Korkidis has a PhD in physical chemistry and is also a writer like her father. Through her love and respect for her father, she has helped preserve his life’s writings for generations to come in this inspiring biographical memoir. 
Excerpt from the Book
Crete fell to become the savior of the world. For it was the fall of Crete, Germany, the Third Reich, too, fell. The 20th of May was a fatal day for Germany. The unexpected resistance of the Cretans delayed the pace of German expansion and gave the Allies time to prepare, and subsequently the strikes came one after another on all fronts.
The Cretan Resistance is cited in world history as one of the factors that led to the fatal delay of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, while also reducing the number of troops available for missions in the Middle East and in Africa. Despite repeated attacks from the Nazis on local villages and communities, the Cretan Resistance remained active and strong until the Germans surrendered.
Many years have passed since this engagement and each year on that date I remember how this human spirit, this refusal to accept defeat, had changed the fate of our world and offered the world the first inkling of hope for the then struggling and subjugated souls. The momentous Battle of Crete became a beacon of hope for the free world. Its defiance inspired the Allies and became an example of sacrifice and heroism for a time well needed and for all time. Its recognition and distinction are forever enshrined in this verse: “And a voice was heard over the entire planet: Gods and men stand aside to let Crete pass.”  
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