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Simply sitting down with paper and pen or fingers on a keyboard and writing does not make a writer but it is a start. A passion to tell a story, does that help? A desire to communicate your inner most thoughts and even desires? Is passion and desire enough? When my eldest son was very young his favorite book was “Goodnight Moon” by Margaret Wise Brown. Every night we would read this book together and soon enough he was able to read it to me. The story and illustrations were engaging for both of us. But who was this author that captured our imagination and helped a young child sleep soundly. Goodnight Moon celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. In that spirit, The New Yorker has published an article on the life of this prolific children’s books writer having sold forty million copies of this one book. The Story behind the writer Margaret Wise Brown was recently given in the New Yorker by writer Anna Holmes and the link is included here published January 31st, 2022. An audio of the article can be heard through the link as well given below.
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